Garden Spirit

What Exactly is Garden Spirit?

Nestled into the verdant North Carolina Piedmont, Garden Spirit is the private home of Linda and Victor Roggli set into an eleven-acre property with the Twinkling Purple Treehouse, the GardenSpirit Creative Cottage, the Labyrinth at GardenSpirit, the GardenSpirit Organic Veggie Patch and dozens of quiet meditation paths that wind gently through the towering Southern Pine forest.

GardenSpirit is open to carefully selected friends and new acquaintances who share the spirit of nurturance and reflection at this deeply spiritual place.  And since it is Linda and Victor’s own home, you can be assured that GardenSpirit is quiet, private and secluded.

GardenSpirit is also:

  • a women’s gathering place for meditation;
  • a sacred place for personal solitude;
  • a garden haven to reconnect to the earth;
  • a refuge for writers seeking peace to complete their work;
  • a place of renewal for body and soul
  • the coaching alcove for Linda Roggli, PCC/CLC

OK, I’m intrigued, tell me more . . .